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Wedding Insurance

Peace of mind on your big day. will not promise you a great wedding day or a wonderful honeymoon. In addition, we will not help you select the right partner. But we can help you find and compare Wedding Insurance quotes. Because making sure if your special day is cancelled due to the craziness of life you will be made whole.

Wedding Insurance
  • Vendor Issues: You have been planning your special day for the last year. It took you and your partner 5 years just to get the whole “if you love me and I love you what are we waiting for” moment to come. Everything perfect, the venue has been booked. The flowers are just right. The DJ and photographer are a husband and wife team. Her work is magazine quality and the DJ has worked in the best nightclub in the City for years. Your hairdresser has been doing your hair since your were in high school. The wedding planner has done the last four weddings you attended and two of those your were a bridesmaid. The caterer does business with for all of your mother’s corporate events. Your Rabbi or Priest is the one that bar Mitzvah or baptised you. the cake, the limo invitations all done. You picked out, the dress. If anyone of these things fall apart your big day will be a big deal. Sorry we thought we can get a permit, oops, one of the vendors filed for bankruptcy. Uh-oh the DJ and the photographer just broke up.
  • People getting sick or injured: Someone you are counting on being at your big day, however they get sick or injured. In short, car accidents happen, that’s why they are called accidents. What if the accident happen to you or your partner. We have all been to many weddings but never with just the Bride or the Groom so let make sure both of you can enjoy the day.
  • Property damage: The perfect venue and in the middle of prepping your meals the kitchen catches fire and half of the tables and your special settings go up in flames. Your Homeowners insurance may cover the damages but as a result your day in ruined.
  • Extreme weather: Extreme weather happens, hurricanes never ask if they are invited to your wedding they just shows up uninvited. By the way, don’t worry about finding them a chair at your best table the Hurricane’s I know will take all of the tables and chairs.
  • Military deployment: You or your partner may be serving in the Armed Forces. First, thank you for your service to our Country and this Nation can not and will never be able to properly repay you. Duty calls so you must be deployed, the Commanding Officer feels bad but your special day must be postponed.
  • Lost or stolen gifts: Insurance can be counted on, above all think of it as just a piece of paper with a promise written on it. If something goes wrong, the promise is to make you whole. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
  • Dress damage or wedding attire coverage: Your partner’s Wedding Dress went missing because your dog tore it apart. I’m not sure if the marriage can survive. However, I’m sure the dog will have a few problems. In addition, please ask about Pet Insurance and Renters Insurance because both of you will need to find a new place.
  • Cold Feet: Wedding insurance covers many things, one thing it does not cover is cold feet. My personal solution is thick socks because Wedding insurance is for things not in your control. This will be the biggest party you will ever have. Cold feet should not be part of the plan.

Protect your special day!

You can insure your wedding against loss and liability as well. Many venues now require wedding insurance to protect against loss in the event that one of your guests injures themselves or causes property damage at your wedding. Since a wedding is often a big affair with caterers and musicians and seamstresses, tuxedo rentals, venue rental and on and on, you can purchase a policy to protect your investment if a vendor does not perform, or your seamstress ruins your dress, or any rental equipment or clothing is damaged or destroyed. Cancellation insurance reimburses you for lost deposits and non-refundable amounts if you have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, such as vendor bankruptcy or no-shows, extreme weather, military deployment, a death in the family, or any number of incidents.

In addition you can protect yourself in the event that wedding gifts, photography equipment, and your weddings rings are lost, stolen or damaged. Your big day and you want there to be as little stress as possible. A wedding insurance policy will guarantee that, if things go wrong, you will be able to do it again without losing your investment from the cancelled event. For peace of mind on your wedding day, contact your agent at for the perfect policy to cover the happiest day of your life.

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Switch & Save $478 on Average

Additional discounts and savings for bundling you home and auto. I can not promise a number.

Switch & Save $478 on Average

Additional discounts and savings for bundling you home and auto. I can not promise a number.


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