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Need Motor Cycle

It is compulsory to have motorcycle insurance in most of the states of America. More than 46 states of America require motorcycle insurance if you are traveling through or living in America.
However, the state law of Florida doesn’t require any Motorcycle insurance in Florida, and the riders in Florida doesn’t require any proof of insurance to get your motorcycle registered. Although it is not compulsory to obtain any motorcycle insurance policy by the state law of Florida yet, the riders should avail of this policy to protect them from significant liability costs that might cost them significantly. These insurance policies may provide coverage for a minimum of $25000 in bodily injury and $50,000 per accident and property damage coverage $10,000 minimum.

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How much is Motorcycle insurance in Florida

Though there is no obligation to keep motorcycle insurance in Florida, however, if you frequently travel out of state, then you may face penalties because these states might have insurance requirements.
Florida is second with most registered motorcycles; therefore, there are more choices for insurance coverage as compared to any other state. It depends upon many factors how much it costs you an insurance policy depending upon the following options

  • Your age
  • Your driving record
  • Coverage option you choose
  • Your riding experience
  • Motorcycle’s model and brand
  • Your credit information
  • If you use a bike occasionally or every day

The estimated average rate of motorcycle insurance in Florida is about $690 to $57.50 per month.
Here is an estimated insurance rate per year by different insurance companies.

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Know about Motorcycle insurance Laws in Florida

It is not compulsory to put on a helmet while riding a Motorbike in Florida. But if you have decided not to wear the helmet then according to laws you should be older than 20 years of age. Along with this age limit obligation, the rider must have a motorcycle policy with minimum insurance of $10,000 with medical insurance coverage.
You do not need any medical insurance in Florida if you are wearing a helmet; however, it is mandatory for the motorcyclist who does not wear helmets.
Even though you are wearing a helmet, the state law of Florida still requires basic liability insurance for bodily injury minimum amount of $10,000, and they should also have property insurance worth $ 10,000 at least.
Along with medical and property insurance for riding a bike, you must get a motorcycle license. Otherwise, you may face severe penalties, including a fine worth $500, six moth probation, 60 days in jail, and confiscation of your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the Bike insurance?

If you go for Motorcycle insurance in Florida then the following coverage will be given;

  • Gives coverage to the costs due to accident
  • Provides comprehensive coverage duet to theft, self-ignition, fire, explosion, riots, and natural disasters
  • It offers financial coverage to third party loss due to an accident by the insurer bike.

How much is Motorcycle insurance for a 20-year-old?

The statistics show that the young bike riders have a lack of experience in riding a bike; therefore, risks of accidents increase, leading to a high premium to full coverage for the 20-year-old male rider.
The typical insurance starts at $1000, and it may increase per year. However, you can choose a different level of coverage for your motorcycle insurance with lower premium rates, but that can also lead to less protection.

Who is providing the best cheap rate motorcycle insurance in Florida?

The one-year policy cost of motorcycle insurance by standard progressive insurance is around $970, with several choices that can be added to your policy. Another exciting feature is that if you go without any accident for more than four years consecutively, then you won’t be penalized for the first accident.
Get your motorcycles insured to avoid any kind of financial loss. Compare a quote that is committed to helping you find the best suitable motorbike insurance so you could find coverage that provides maximum coverage at an affordable price. Give a shot to Compare a quote services to find out the best available insurance policy according to your budget.

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Switch & Save $478 on Average

Additional discounts and savings for bundling you home and auto. I can not promise a number.


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