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How to insure your Motorhome in Florida?

How to insure your Motorhome in Florida

Florida has turned into RV camper aficionado’s dream place—with so many attractive places like beaches, sunny skies, and rain forest. An RV or Motorhome is an ideal way to visit all across the country with all of your home comforts.

Motorhome vision is on the rise nowadays in Florida. So, if you are also looking to travel all over the country and especially in Florida, then you must consider what the minimum requirements for Motorhome insurance in Florida are, so you could provide adequate coverage to your recreational vehicle

Table of Content

  • Do I need Motorhome/ RV insurance in Florida
  • What does RV/ Motorhome insurance cover
  • How much Does RV insurance costs in Florida
  • How much is RV insurance monthly?
  • Does the general offer RV insurance in Florida

Do I need Motorhome/ RV insurance in Florida

The Motorhome/ RV is required to be insured in Florida like any other auto insurance or homeowner insurance. How much you need an RV insurance will depend upon a lot of factors like in which vehicle you are traveling, how much you use it in a year, and how often you live in it.

What does the RV/ Motorhome insurance cover?

RV insurance covers all those expenses which auto insurance does, like a collision with other vehicles, comprehensive coverage provides coverage other than an accident such as fire, theft or terrorism, and liability coverage. Moreover, you can get add-on insurance of other belongings as well, like equipment installed on your RV such as satellite dishes or any other accessories. In which situations RV insurance works? Here are a few situations in which RV insurance will protect you.

  • If you have an insurance policy for your Motorhome and another driver hits your Motorhome, then your insurance company is liable to pay your damage. The compensation amount which you will receive depends upon the limits as per your policy statement, your deductible amount, and the amount of damage.
  • If your car collides with another vehicle and you are at fault to hit the car, the other car owner will file a claim with your insurance company and the insurance company will pay you the amount up to the limit of your policy along with any claim for injuries.
  • The insurance company will also compensate if your HomeMotor got disabled after a crash and needed to be towed. All the expenses of towing will be covered as per your policy limit.

How much Does RV insurance costs in Florida

How much does the RV insurance costs you depends upon several key factors;

  • Your RV insurance depends upon the Class which you have chosen; the RV insurance policy comes with Class A, Class B, and Class C, where Class A gives you the most expensive and comprehensive coverage while Class B and Class C are least costly comparatively.
  • The RV insurance policy can vary depending upon your living style; either you are using it occasionally or living in RV full-time.
  • The deductible amounts you choose in your RV policy will also set limits to your overall cost of the insurance policy. For example, if you pick higher deductibles, then your expenses to pay out of your pocket at the occasion will also increase.
  • If you add additional riders such as towing and roadside assistance coverage, then the cost of insurance policy will also increase.

Just to provide you an overview, typically, the RV insurance cost of Class A may cost you around $2000 per year while Class B and Class C come around $1000 to $2000 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is RV insurance monthly?

How much is RV or Motorhome insurance going to cost you monthly depends upon several other factors like how much coverage have you selected, and are you using RV for full-time living and how much worth is your RV insurance. Or in which stat are you living in America.
Here are a few estimated figures of RV insurance in Florida

Highest RV insurance costs: $4490/year or $374.15/month

Lowest RV insurance Costs $860/year or $71/ month

Does the general offer RV insurance in Florida

Florida state law requires that you must insure your RV/ Motorhome insurance no matter you drive the RV or tow it behind your vehicle the state law requires minimum liability insurance of $10000 in bodily injury per person.
National general insurance provides you full coverage for your RV with flexible and affordable security plans so you could freely travel on roads. Moreover, the National General insurance company has A+ rating and receiver 4.49/ 5 from 344 customer reviews in a survey by the “Best insurance rating organization.”
Motorhome/ RV are great resources to provide you endless recreational activities; however, you need to protect it from unforeseen disasters with an adequate level of insurances so you could enjoy your trips without restraints. CompareAQuote can help you in getting all RV insurance quotes from renowned insurance companies that could provide you excellent coverage the professional insurance agents at compareAQuote can assist you with any type of RV insurance policies with affordable plans.

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Switch & Save $478 on Average

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