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Home Insurance Comparison

When looking for insurance for your home it is important to have as much comparison between insurance companies as possible in order to get the best policy for you at an affordable price. It is also important to be sure that your most valuable items are protected for their full value rather than some limit that an insurance company may put on a typical, bare bones policy. Rather than spend hours on the phone with several different insurance companies, place your trust in Compare A Quote and let us do the comparing and contrasting to suit your requirements in a home insurance policy. You may need a Scheduled Personal Property insurance floater to cover treasured valuable artwork or designer handbags or clothing, furs, antiques, a vintage gun collection, jewelry, or dozens of other things you have in your home that would not be fully covered under a typical homeowner’s policy.

Home Insurance Comparison

An SPP addition to your home insurance policy will give much broader protection to valuable items, even to the point of misplacement, theft outside of the home, or even wedding rings sliding down the drain! Comparing home insurance policies for features and cost can be tremendously time consuming. Rather than spending the time deciding if you need dog bite insurance or any of a number of other types of insurance to go with your typical home insurance, place your trust in the agents at Compare A Quote. As the name implies, we will compare from hundreds of different insurance companies and we will assure you the finest quality policy at an affordable price.

Home and Contents Insurance

Your home insurance policy covers contents and it covers the home itself, of course. If your home insurance policy covers natural disasters like damage from hurricanes and tornados or even hail, does it also cover you for flood? Oftentimes flood insurance must be purchased separately to ensure that you are protected. With the increased flooding occurring because of climate change, can any of us really afford to go unprotected from flood? Most policies will protect you from home repair and replacement in the event of a fire that occurs from faulty wiring or an appliance that blows up or any kind of accidental fire, even a wildfire in the backcountry (or even in the city as wildfires increase in occurrence and intensity). But it is important to be sure your limits of coverage will be adequate to replace your home if need be and to provide you with alternative housing as well. Liability home insurance is an important part of the package as well. If someone is injured on your property the medical and legal bills can run into the thousands of dollars.

House Insurance Cost

The cost of a house insurance policy can vary considerably. The important thing is to make sure that you have enough coverage so that you do not become exposed to enormous financial losses in the event of any type of event up to and including the total loss of your home and its contents. The best way to assure that you are adequately covered is to secure a number of different quotes from house insurance companies that offer several different options for limits, deductibles, and total coverage. The determining factor here is the value that you place on your home and its contents, including any highly valuable items that may require special floaters, or additions to your house insurance policy. Compare A Quote agents can assist you in determining the level of coverage that you need and then secure the quotes you need to find the policy that fits your particular needs. For instance, many standard house insurance policies cover natural disasters, but that usually does not cover the eventuality of a catastrophic flood. With the occurrence and intensity of flooding brought on by climate change it is definitely worth a hard look at whether flood insurance is right for you. If you have jewelry or expensive handbags and designer clothing, antiques, furs, expensive paintings, or other such items it would behoove you to consider a Scheduled Personal Property insurance policy. An SPP will cover much more than the limits imposed on a typical house insurance policy, and will even cover items that are misplaced, stolen outside the home, such as jewelry at an event, or even wedding rings that slide down the drain. Of course all of these additional features add to the cost of your house insurance policy, but your Compare A Quote agent can assist you in weighing the risk against the cost.

When you are looking for quality and affordability in house insurance quotes, your one-stop reference point is Compare A Quote services. Take a moment to contact us by filling out the form attached here, or give us a call at the number listed above today! For all of your home insurance needs put your trust and faith in the excellent knowledgeable agents at Compare A Quote. Simply take a few minutes to fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call the phone number listed here today.

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Switch & Save $478 on Average

Additional discounts and savings for bundling you home and auto. I can not promise a number.

Switch & Save $478 on Average

Additional discounts and savings for bundling you home and auto. I can not promise a number.


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