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Guide to off-Road Insurance

What you are and aren’t Covered during off-road driving

What preventive measures should you take before you’re out four-wheel driving with your friends and family members?

Are you well prepared for driving down with a rough track or suppose you encountered a hail storm hammering your windshield in the middle of nowhere? Luckily, if you find any of such vulnerable situations and have comprehensive car insurance with off-road coverage, then nothing can stop you getting back to your adventure.

Table of Content

  • What is an off-road insurance cover?
  • Which vehicles get covered in your off-road insurance?
  • ATV off-road insurance
  • Dirt Bike insurance
  • Side-by-side and Full size 4wd off-road insurance
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does Off-road vehicle insurance cover?
  • Do you have to carry ATV/ off-road vehicle insurance in Florida?
  • What off-road insurance doesn’t cover in Florida

What is an off-road insurance cover?

An off-road insurance cover comes as an exclusive policy feature of your existing car insurance policy or you can get it as an add-on to your current car insurance policy. The off-road insurance typically covers loss or damage incurred by any four-wheel insured vehicle while driving off on the unpaved or unmarked road.

Which vehicles get covered in your off-road insurance?

Everybody knows that their cars or other everyday vehicles need insurance, but what about other vehicles that take you off the beaten roads. In any case, the homeowner or typical auto insurance policy won’t cover recreational, or any specialized vehicles and you need to getinsured these vehicles for any accidental, theft or even when they are parked in the garage during the off-season. Other than providing coverage to your 4×4 car, the off-road insurance will also provide coverage to all of the toys, including trailers, ATVs, golf carts, and other leisure vehicles.

ATV off-road insurance

All-Terrain vehicles (ATV), Quad or Four wheelers whatever you can call this vehicle. It’s an exceptional recreational vehicle that can be taken for hunting or running around the farm, also it is a great asset too. What if it got hit by other vehicle or someone steals it from your garage. Will it get coverage by your auto insurance or not? There kicks in Off-road insurance policy to protect your ATV.

Dirt Bike insurance

Off-road Motorcycles are also a huge investment and need specialized coverage. Many people who love to compete on an off-road track recreationally strive to get their off-road bikes to protect their investments. Therefore, if you are planning to participate in any race on the weekend at your local area, then don’t forget to safeguard your dirt bike with special off-road bike insurance.

Side-by-side and Full size 4wd off-road insurance

If you own 8 thousand dollars a side-by-side vehicle or a thirty thousand dollar road crawler then absolutely you need to protect your toy from any accident, theft or falls off a trailer when loading. What if your vehicle rolls over on any other vehicle resulting in damage or any bodily injury?Would you bear all the cost by yourself? These off-road vehicles are of high value with huge investment. Therefore, you should protect them with off-road insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Off-road vehicle insurance cover?

Many insurance policies give coverage to all kind of ATVs or any other off-road vehicle as that of any regular auto or motorcycle policies provide.
The off-road policies covers

  • all-inclusive
  • collision with other vehicles/ trees/ hitting rocks
  • Bodily injury or property damage
  • Uninsured motorist

Do you have to carry ATV/ off-road vehicle insurance in Florida?

In Florida, the Atv’s are allowed to run on an unpaved public roadway; however, the owner should be a resident of Florida and must have ATV title, but it doesn’t require any insurance or registration. However, many state-owned parks, public or national parks require special vehicles to be adequately insured.

How much does it cost on average to get your off-road vehicle insured?

There are quite a lot of factors that can increase the cost of off-road insurance for your vehicle.

  • If your driving record shows that you have a large number of traffic violation histories.
  • If you own any unique model of ATV or dirt bike or other off-road vehicles that typically cost more than insurancecost will automatically increase.
  • If you own more than one off-road vehicles, then a possibility is that you will receive a discount for insuring multiple vehicles.

Competing in a racing sports

If you are taking part in a racing event with your car or test driving on a 4wd track, then you are not entitled to off-road insurance.

Mechanical faults and careless driving

Any mechanical defects such as damaged clutch, flywheel or transmission failure in driving or if you drive through the flooded area then you won’t be able to get any claims.

4WD modifications

If you tried to modify any area of your vehicles such as engine, body or transmission changes, then you have to ask for its permission by the insurance company before you go for it.

Competing in a racing sports

Recreational vehicles are a huge investment, and they provide entertainment for a more extended period if you take care of them properly. Therefore, before heading out for any recreational activity go for the right off-road insurance policy that best fits your budget. You can trust professional assistants from CompareAQuote to provide you with essential details with any type of RV and Accidental insurance.

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Switch & Save $478 on Average

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