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Contractor Insurance

Contractor Insurance

When you work as a contractor you stand to gain a lot from all the freedom you will have, that is, you will have an opportunity to set your own rules as well as schedule. One of the things you need to give serious thought too when you start working as a contractor are the insurance requirements that are required for you.

It is important that as a contractor you get yourself an insurance cover that will protect you against liability.

Contractor Insurance
Contractor Insurance

Contractor’s Liability Coverage

The main reason why you should get yourself a contractor’s insurance cover is to protect yourself from liability. As a contractor you will frequently find yourself in situations where you will be liable for damage or injury.

By buying the contractor’s liability coverage you ensure that you protect yourself from a lawsuit.

Contractor liability covers are available to different types of contractors and can be customized to accommodate each individual contractor in their line of work.

In the event of damage taking place, the contractor can pay a deductible and the insurance company will help pay for damages.

Structural Damage

One of the areas that is covered by a contractor’s insurance is structural damage. Contractors are required by the nature of their work to go to people’s homes or business premises to work on construction projects. During this time, it is quite possible that the contractor will cause damage inadvertently.

For example, a contractor might swing a hammer in the wrong direction and end up breaking something by accident.

If this were to happen, contractor’s insurance would be responsible for paying for replacements or repairs caused by the damage.

Structural Damage​


When you purchase a contractor insurance, it covers any injury that the contractor might accidentally cause while they discharge their duties. Imagine this, while working from a scaffolding a contractor accidentally drops a hammer on someone’s head injuring the other person.

If this happened, it would be upon the contractor’s insurance to clear the injured person’s medical bills. If the injured individual decides to take the matter to court, it is the contractor insurance cover that helps pay for legal damages and costs.

Other Coverages

In addition to paying for legal costs brought about by a lawsuit filed by the injured, the contractor insurance pays for damages that come about as a result of an accident happening on the property.

To better explain this let us consider this example:

A contractor is working on a home remodeling project and in the process pulls out a baseboard nailed along the wall. As he does so, a nail is pulled out of a water pipe by accident which in turn causes some serious flooding.

This obviously leads to the flooring and furniture getting water damaged.

Even though the contractor did not cause the damage intentionally, he is still responsible for the arising situation. Using proceeds from a contractor insurance, the contractor will be able to pay for any repair that will have happened to the damaged house.

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Switch & Save $478 on Average

Additional discounts and savings for bundling you home and auto. I can not promise a number.


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