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Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Most states require that drivers carry a minimum amount of car insurance. The minimum amount may not be adequate for your needs, however. A car accident can cost far more than those minimum requirements and you will find yourself underinsured and taking losses that will hurt you considerably. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that you carry $100,000 of bodily injury per person and $300,000 per accident. This is known as 100/300.

For instance, the state of Florida requires that you carry a minimum of 10/20/10. In other words their total minimum requirement is $10,000 for personal injury protection (PIP), but no requirement for bodily injury. Obviously this is a dangerous position to be in with auto insurance. No matter what you are driving you need to be sure that you are protected financially from tremendous losses. The industry standard of 100/300 is the best rule to follow to be completely protected when you need to file a claim. The Insurance Information Institute is an excellent reference tool for all types of insurance. Do not hesitate to consult this site for all your insurance needs.

Auto Insurance Quotes

Big insurance companies, small insurance companies. Let us determine which company best meets your Auto Insurance needs by gathering auto insurance quotes for you that will be tailored to your particular set of requirements.

You have better things to do than call individual auto insurance companies for hours trying to find the best auto insurance quotes. There is no need to spend your time like this anymore. CompareAQuote is your experienced, knowledgeable partner that you can trust to do the work for you while you attend to the more important things in your life. You can feel safe in the knowledge that we will do the best possible job for you and bring you the best possible auto insurance quotes that will be the best quality at the best price for you.

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Switch & Save $478 on Average

Additional discounts and savings for bundling you home and auto. I can not promise a number.

Switch & Save $478 on Average

Additional discounts and savings for bundling you home and auto. I can not promise a number.


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